I virtually planned the whole trip as a solo trip but after sharing my plans with everyone & having plenty of time to plan it... I have a few friends & family members who have jumped onto my trip & gate crashed my once ‘Solo’ trip! I am so, so excited & feel so lucky to share different parts of it with them…

First stop is New York with my best friend, Beth. We have 5 nights there together before she heads home. I am then on a 6-week road trip across the country heading west, where I finish in California and then fly out of San Francisco.

I then fly to Hawaii – the Big Island/Honolulu. Unfortunately, this is just more of a stop over and I don’t spend much time here. I was just using it as a great excuse to visit as my next stop is Japan. Where I meet another one of my best friends Becky.

At the end of October, another one of my closest friends, Freya Is getting hitched!! – in Thailand. I’m unbelievably excited for the wedding & cannot wait for the big day! After the wedding, me and Beth (Freya’s Bridesmaid) are exploring a few of the islands before she heads home again.

My mum also lives in Bangkok, so we will be spending some time together before we have a little 3-night trip to Singapore.

Because of meeting everyone, I wasn’t able to do my trip as spontaneous & unplanned as I know many others do… so I left the next 5-week window empty and I’ll just go where I happen to go. I have spent a lot of time researching the Philippines, so I could potentially end up here during the rest of November/December.

Finally, my last adventure with the last gate crasher… DAD!! We are both heading to Australia for Christmas & New Year. We meet in Melbourne, just before Christmas and are spending 6/7 weeks traveling the east coast…just me and him… Dad & Daughter in a camper, yes in a camper with my Dad–  All jokes aside though, I feel extremely lucky to be able to do this with him, he is the most amazing person to be sharing it with. And it will certainly be one I will never forget. Love you Dad! xxx