Being limited on space and weight in my bag means i'm having to be mega strict on what I take with me - relying on Braids, Buns & Ponies. 

But when I do decide to make a bit more of an effort, these products I just cant live without on holiday…

Unique 10 – Argan Morrocan Oil

My hair is naturally quite wirey & dry, it can get a battering from the sun so im always sure to use a good quality oil in it. Sometimes I smoother it in conditioner in the day and wrap it up, just for that extra bit of protection. But Unique 10 is one of those all rounder… sun protecting, de-frizzing, conditioning, heat protector, de tangler and all round magic potion in a lotion. Spray all through the mid lengths to ends and let it work itself. This isn’t a styling product.

Ouai – Wave Spray

This is similar to a sea salt spray – without the salt! I use this in damp hair when I let it dry naturally, or sometimes use after ive curled it with my curling wand just to tousle my hair together and make it look more of a naturalbeachey curl.

OuaiFinishing Cream

I looooove this product, so much! It’s a styling product and a heat protector, it’s a dry end smoother & a serum. Its not too heavy but it has enough umph in it to notice you’ve done something with it. It smells amazing too!

Oribe – Dry Texturising Spray

My favourite product of all, and one that I regrettably will have to live without for a while – (because of the hideous price tag, but I can assure you its WELL WORTH the money) This magic spray transforms my hair every single time, too clean or slightly dirty. It thickens, boosts my roots and gives me volume, I can virtually do anything I want with my hair after I use this. It smells incredible and is literally my hair styling SAVIOR.