Most of the people that will follow my page are my family & friends. But for anyone else that may stumble across here..

My name is Socorra, I'm 27 & a Hair Stylist from Leicester. In 4 weeks time I pack up my hairdressing salon, my home and my life to take the plunge into the unknown world of traveling. I've always wanted to live abroad and the travel side to my plans has just ended up as a bit of an add on to the potential move, so initially I will be traveling for 6 months & then see where it takes me. 

I started this page to platform & showcase my hairdressing portfolio and resume for potential work in the future. But with having such amazing support from all of my clients over the past 10 years, and so many of them keen to follow my trip, I decided to add a journal side to my site.

And last but not least.. (throwing some ultimate cheese out there now)…

I wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU to absolutely everyone in my life, for being so amazing & supportive. For understanding my decision to risk my well established Hair Salon, my ‘settled’ life & home to follow my curiosity abroad! I will miss everyone SO much and hope that anyone who is interested enjoys following my trail. 

THANKYOU & Big LOVE to you all! S xXx

Rain Inaya Ali